Spring is underway at Bright Creek 
                       and LuckyDox

  UPDATE: June 1st.  

Sharky and Simply Bewitching (Sammie) will be breed hopefully.  Still waiting on cycle.

Gordon and Morning Coffee (Java) Bred April 30th.  Smooths and longhairs in chocolate and dapple.  This litter took!  Yeah!

LuckyDox has 2 confirmed pregnancies for July!

Snow Leopard and Shakespeare bred and a litter is due any day.   2 pups are already taken on this litter, depending on the pups we may have one to place.  Dapples are expected.

Two litters of smooth dapples are planned for late summer.  Addie and Mystie.   These should be highly sought after.   If you are interested and are on the waiting list, let me know.