Bright Creek Kennel
Tuscumbia, Alabama

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​The Boys of Bright Creek

AKC Champion Y'Knot Let Me Do Right @ Bright Creek       AKC #HP46865005

"Dudley" is a proven Champion and a proven sire with multiple litters of drop dead georgous puppies to  attest to.  Producing black/tan and chocolate and carrying for cream (no scientific proof of that).

AKC Champion Bright Creek's Flash Gordon, ML        AKC #HP48477802

"Gordon" is one of life's greatest moments.   When I first saw him I was smitten.

Bright Creek's "Take It Easy", MSP      AKC Registration #HP54662303

Winnie will produce black/tan, chocolate, and red in solid and piebald pattern.  Currently in the show ring working toward his American Kennel Club championship.

AKC Champion Teckelwood Jacks Card Shark            AKC# HP24587103

It saddens me that we had to sayy goodbye to Sharky.  He died February 18, 2020.

BCK Ima Sharp Dressed Man, MS (Artie)                         AKC Registration #HP54440701

A son of the famous JB, Artie will breed reds, and dapples and black/tan's here at Bright Creek and carry on the legacy of James Bonde.


Bright Creek's Bada Bing Vinny                      AKC # HP233657004

The oldest of our stud dogs Vinny has done mostly all he is going to do for us, but he is black/tan carrying for the cream gene.  Very good front end on this fellow which he passes on.  Also long ribbing that holds up his 13 year old back!

Hopefuls of Bright Creek

I have never been known as a "color" breeder.   Beamer just happens to carry ever color known to man and is a dapple and piebald to boot.   With his good looks and diluted gene, he will add a twist to our breeding program and is a wonderful outcross.

Bright Creek's "Goldfinger" MS

You didn't think I'd retire JB without replacing him, right?  Introducing Bright Creek's "Goldfinger" MS our latest up and coming show puppy.   Following in the steps of James Bonde we are hoping for great things!