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If you have ever been here, you know Snow Leopard.  She meets people at their cars, generally.   Well, I've kept it under wraps, but I bred her to LuckyDox's Shakespeare and they had 3 lovely pups last night around 10 o'clock.   Mom and babies are doing well.   I will be taking one pup, Nancy from the waiting list is next, and we will certainly have another person off that list selected soon.   For those of you worried, more dapples are on the way!

Snow is a wonderful mom to her 3 babies.
Two black/tan females and a chocolate male.
All longhaired.  I will be selecting the pick puppy (if Rick lets me)  and Nanci B. gets a pick and then Lisa B.   I know, it's hard to wait.
Two more dapple litters on the way and 2 smooth sets to bred in late June.  We're working behind the scenes for all the dapple folks.

AKC conformation Champion James Bonde at Bright Creek  (JB) and Bright Creek's Jett Black Coffee (aka Jett) whelped a litter on May 4th.   Introducing:   The "Sushi" Litter

James Bonde proud Dad

Bright Creek's Jett Black Coffee, Mom

These pups will all be placed from our waiting list.   I will wait for a few weeks
to contact prospective owners.    The colors are getting more red as they shed their baby coats.

Nori a red smooth female holding for selection

Can a girl get some help over here?

Maki a red smooth female holding for selection, dark 

Sashimi a red smooth female holding for selection

Sushi a red smooth female holding for selection, very tiny,  and very cuddly.  

Wasabi a red smooth male, with dark overlay. This male is going home with one of the females with Bradley & Charity.