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Tuscumbia, Alabama

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 LuckyDox has 6  available pups!    See the LuckyDox tab for Pictures!

Shakespeare and Snow Leopard had 3 beautiful dapples (what's the chance of that) on June 5th.   All of these are spoken for, but we have smooth dapples and longhaired dapples in the works.   Hold on tight, it's going to be a wild summer!


        Famous Designers Litter​​  

                   Coco Chanel staying at Bright Creek!  


Becky and Kenny with their little darling.

  Armani who is now Archibald (Archie) went home today.   I don't know if I fogged the lens up with my tears or what!   Send me a better picture Patty when you see this.

AKC conformation Champion James Bonde at Bright Creek  (JB) left here for his "retirement" home but not before leaving a legacy of 6 beautiful puppies out of Lambchop.  For my Scottish friends meet the "Outlander Litter".

James Bonde proud Dad

 Lambchop of Bright Creek

These pups will all be placed from our waiting list.   I will wait for a few weeks
to contact prospective owners.    The colors are getting more red as they shed their baby coats.

Claire a red smooth female

Jamie a red smooth male

Brianna a red smooth female

Frank a red smooth male

Geillis a red smooth female

Jenny a red smooth female