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Bright Creek's Let Me Do Right and Y'Knot Eclipse The Sail

Hoss, longhaired chocolate/tan pup ready
on March 3rd - going home with Gretchen!

James Bonde and Lambchop
  Three smooth red dachshunds made their debut on January 19th.   Two boys and one girl (all pending contacts on the waiting list).  .

Introducing the "American Pickers" Litter

Colby (female)
Going home with Arnette



Scott gets first pick of the males.

Floyd and Coco Litter​
born January 22nd 
(coat length to be determined)
 The "Chocolate Drinks" Litter

Swiss Miss - chocolate/tan female                                   Yoohoo - chocolate/tan female
Holding for Chip                                                            Holding for David & Karen

Bosco - chocolate/tan male
going home with Jennifer!

Artie and Greta Litter
Guardian's of the Galaxy Litter
(coat length to be determined)

   Artie (Daddy) red dapple                      Greta (Mom)

​"Nebula" Red female dapple (dark red) may stay here.

"Quill"   Going home with Julia

​""Gamora" Red Dapple female

​"Rocket"  Black/tan dapple male
​going home with Carol

 "Drax"  Red minimal dapple male, looking like a show dog to me.