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        Champion JB, dad

Redhot Ruby, mom

             Welcome "The Rest of the Story" Litter
                                               Paul and Harvey, two red smooth males born on March 15, 2019. 
                                                        Almost Identical.  One male on hold for Kevin & Cindy

Harvey going home with Kevin and Cyndi


Winslow and Jolene's litter born March 18th
Welcome with me the "Old Church Folks" litter. 

Alma, Black/tan Female w/white on chest
holding for Carly & Kelly's approval.

Raymond, Light Red Male w/white on chest  Going home with Raphael and Victoria!

Herman, male black/tan with 
white on chest.   Available to waiting list.

Marvin, (alias Burrito) red male with white on chest.  Too Tiny to predict what we will do.  See my blog "Kennel Keeper".  Besides, he and I have a thing for each other!  (I can't have another dog, I can't have another dog, I can't have.....)

Artie and Greta Litter
Guardian's of the Galaxy Litter
All smooth haired

   Artie (Daddy) red dapple                      Greta (Mom)

​""Gamora" Red Dapple female
​going home with Kevin, Cyndi 
​and Rhianna

​"Nebula" now Tula with Pam and her BFF.

​"Rocket"  Black/tan dapple male​
​going home with Donald & Melody!

 "Drax"  Red minimal dapple male, going home with Stephanie & Jeff

"Quill" now Burnie going home to Deleware with Julia!

Waiting Patiently on My New Momma & Daddy!

Swiss Miss - chocolate/tan female                            
Going home with David & Karen