Bright Creek Kennel
Tuscumbia, Alabama

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Adopting a puppy and bringing home to your environment is a BIG undertaking.   It is not for the faint of heart.    You need to be prepared, and we have all the skill sets that you need as a new owner.   We have suggested articles, video's and years of experience to help you make a great transistion with your new pup from our farm to your home.   We equip you with a booklet of "How To"s, a complete shot and worming record, a microchip installed and a prepaid enrollment to the national database of microchipped dogs, a blanket that smells like the kennel for added comfort, a retailed packaged sampling of your dog's food (so you can easily recognize it).   Everything is included...we have even initiated the "LOVE". But you can take THAT to the next level.  

AKC "Companion" Registration

Puppies are all priced at ​

"Companion" registration means that this pup will be a companion to you.   You will not be able to  breed this puppy and receive any future registration of any offspring.   Simply put, "You just want a dog to love".

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How to Place a Deposit

Totally Refundable
$100.00 flat

Breeders who may not think they can sell all their pups may want a Non-refundable deposit.   Not at Bright Creek.   We've been providing great dogs to great homes for 10 + years with little or no trouble and a hefty waiting list.  If you change your mind at any time during the process we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.  We would never want someone to "have" to take one of our dogs becauses of a committment.  This is all about loving your companion dog.   Good things are worth waiting for!

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