Bright Creek Kennel
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Where quality is never compromised!​​​​
LuckyDox Dachshunds
Life long friend and show/business partner, Lucia Mitchell owns LuckyDox Dachshunds.  Occasionally she breeds a litter of  puppies and keeps one for show.   Below is any updates.

These 7 week olds black/tan puppies have the best personality for a lap dog or bed fellow!   All of these pups are calm and loving.  Snugglers they are all.  All males are available.  Meet the "Big Valley" Litter!     

Nick a black/tan male, longhaired

Heath a black/tan male, longhaired

Jarrod a black/tan male, longhaired

Audra, now Allie, going home with Jim and Cameron, his granddaughter.

Dudley and Scarlett who are both AKC Bench Champions have delivered 5  chocolate/tan pups.     Meet the "Mayberry Litter".   



Chocolate/tan male

Scarlett and her Mom, Iris

Chocolate/tan Male

Chocolate/tan Male 
Goober - holding!

Chocolate/tan male

Chocolate/tan Female
 Aunt Bea on hold for 

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  9. Chad, Dana and Ali going home with Sugar & Cooper