Bright Creek Kennel
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Where quality is never compromised!​​​​

The Girls of Bright Creek

Bright Creek's Simply Adorable                 AKC # HP

Addy is as adorable as her name!   She loves to please and is doing well in the show ring.  We love her here and know that she will produce many outstanding puppies to carry on the kennel.   Addy carries for cream and is a black/tan who can produce black/tan and cream in a solid and dapple pattern.
Bright Creek's Simply Mystical                AKC # HP

Mysty is a beautiful girl who can produce black/tan and cream in solid and dapple pattern.
Bright Creek's Snow Leopard, ML                AKC # HP50611801
Bright Creek's Jett Black Coffee                       AKC # HP55416201
Pearldachs "Bling It On" at BCK                AKC # HP55921302
Bling is working toward her AKC championship and will not be bred anytime in the near future.   This girl has work to do.
Bright Creek's Morning Coffee, MS                 AKC # HP55977305

Java is a wonderful puppy.  She loves her daddy too!

Shady Oak's Garbo at Bright Creek ML                AKC # HP50625002

Greta is the smallest in weight here at Bright Creek weighing in at 9 lbs.   She sports a wonderful line of dachshunds that compliment our breeding program.  This picture was taken during a shedding period.  More and better shots to come!

Merry Oak's Tn Daisy Mae ML

Daisy, a brand new edition and Greta's full sister.  Picture will be updated as soon as I groom her.

Bright Creek's Simply Buttercup                 AKC # HP55120601
​ an up and coming JB daughter.
Bright Creek's Red Hot Ruby MS                AKC # HP53001501

Ruby is a home grown daughter of JB and Lola (retired).   She is a pistol of a dog with a great nose.   Working toward her championship in 2019.   
Bright Creek's Simply Bewitching                AKC # HP55394301

A black/tan small girl carrying for cream through her mother's Stoneriver bloodline and carries for chocolate thru her father, our handsome Dudley.   She is 6 months old in this picture.
Bright Creek's Lambchop of Stenlee MS                AKC # HP54289202

Every once in a while you will hit up on a female who has no hangups, gives awesome genetics and is an excellent mom and caretaker of pups.   I should keep every female this girl produces and do myself a great favor!  We love our little Lamby!
BCK Coco Pebbles Too of DD, MS                AKC # HP49680503

Coco is an outstandingly bred girl who loves her babies.   This picture doesn't do her justice.
Y'Knots Eclipse the Sail MS                AKC # HP53458101

"Wrinkles"  as we call her is long and low and one of our heavier mom's.   She has an excellent temperment.
Stenlee's Frau Traditional Gyrl MS​           AKC # HP52593101

​Jolene is a live wire that will play until she drops.   She loves her toys and her people.
Bright Creek's Tortoise Shell                AKC # HP

Shelly is an up and coming girl at Bright Creek.   We hope you will continue to watch her progress.

Bright Creek's China Doll, MS  (aka Dolly)  HP#56678101